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Personal care industry innovations and developments

Personal care innovations rapidly moving fast in-line-with trends and developments in beauty manufactures. Every single years, new cosmetics and personal care products was launched with various active ingredients and excipients.

"ICI Exhibition and Seminars 2022" will promote availability of new active ingredients and excipients that will supporting the development of new cosmetics and personal care products, including raw materials and related products: packaging, machinery and lab equipments for this industry

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The Exhibition

Hall D - JIExpo, Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta [show map]

This event will be held for 3 days; Monday - Wednesday, 23th–25th of May 2022. From 09 am – 5 pm

At this event the participants were cosmetics industry executants: raw materials, fragrance, machinery, lab equipment, packaging, cosmetic toll manufacturers, testing institution, etc.

There will be 374 booths available in the exhibition with participants coming from Indonesia and overseas. And also there will be 26 sessions of presentation to share various topics of cosmetic trends, skin care, hair care and other latest developments.

Download "ICI 2022 Exhibitors Layout"

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There are 26 seminars free to attend, here's the schedule:

coming soon

contact us if you want to participate as an exhibitors or speakers at this event

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